Some of My Top Selling Points

  • Fun and Respect are my game. A former manager said I am one of the best people managers out there. I encourage suggestions and constructive criticism. I have a good sense of humor and smile at people often, which I think is one reason why a friend once told us our child was the happiest he's ever seen (and he has many grandchildren!). My aim is always to brighten your day at work. One executive at IBM told me out of the blue that I was the friendliest person he knew, because I always greeted him nicely in the corridors. Another person told me I have a way of uplifting people. I don't know why but I'll take any compliment!
  • I am solid technically, having spent more than twenty-five years working with every type of computer, whether it's PCs, workstations, mainframes or smartphones. I am in this business because I love technology, not just because it pays the bills. As a result of all this, I learn new skills faster and more thoroughly than many people.
  • I am an innovator. I have had more than ten patents issued. This is because I capture ideas as I have them. My IBM Variable Toll Patent made the headlines several years ago. When I see a product or service deficiency I try to imagine how I can make it better, rather than just complaining about it. At IBM SE School in 1988, I proposed for our mock customer an e-Business solution that is commonplace today but was unheard of then.
  • I am quick. I have a reputation for solving problems in hours that would stump others for days. You can count on me too. When I say something will be done, it will be done, within the agreed timeframe, with no bad surprises (but maybe some good ones!).

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Below is My Personal Brand Marketing Strategy


I am a sales leader with extensive expertise in management, sales engineering, consulting and Information Technology in a wide range of industries including financial services, travel and transportation and the US Government. I have a Top Secret Clearance. I have been particularly effective in increasing profitability and growing revenue. My organizations showed solid incremental gains in market share and still maintained operational efficiencies. My strengths include leading organizational change, process improvement, problem-solving, leading excellent employees, turning struggling employees into excellent ones, developing employees into high performing team members and building management teams that value cross-functional working relationships.


To leverage my sales leadership expertise for an organization seeking to expand its global footprint in the areas of technology solutions or travel.

Prospective Positions: Preferred Functions Include:

VP of Sales

VP of Sales Engineering

Director of Sales

Director of Sales Engineering

Director of Product Management

Director of Business Development

Territory Management

Pre-Sales Management

Human Resources

Change Management

Product Development